Why Is Your Written Support Important?

Letters of support from our Toronto community is necessary and is one of the criteria that is required by the C.R.TC during the application process. Your support is the proof of evidence that our community has spoken and that there is a desirable need for the proposed format of a Family friendly radio by Family FM Inc.
If you are in support of Family FM application to get a broadcast license in Toronto, kindly sign one of the downloadable letters provided, giving your name, address, occupation and contact information. You can then email it to us. Submit Now

Can you write your own letter?

Yes you can, actually personalizing your letter gives you the opportunity to express your support in your own words and sends a strong message to the C.R.T.C that our community is taking the time to express what is truly needed on 88.1 FM. Please use the following Mandatory Guide lines when writing your own letter. Guidelines

Helping us get letters of Support

We need your help in getting letters of support. You can do this in two ways. Firstly, you can just get people to sign and complete the formatted letters provided. Secondly, if you have the time, you can collect and fill in the personal info of the intended supporters, print the letters and get it signed and returned to us. Please note that this has to be done in a timely manner as all letters of support have to be submitted to us no later than March 31st 2012.


Choose From Our Sample Letters Below

*Please print with your letter head if applicable ie Business ,Organization Professional etc*